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We have all become accustomed to a fossil oil dependent way of living. What if that fossil oil could begin to be replaced by sustainable, carbon neutral, 'drop-in' liquid fuels to power all existing vehicles, boats and aircraft?

Air Fuel Synthesis Ltd (AFS), is working to produce synthetic methanol based alternatives to petrol and diesel from patented processes potentially utilising air-sourced carbon dioxide, Bio-Gas (Methane) and renewable electricity. The Vision of AFS is to manufacture Carbon Neutral synthetic fuels in the UK, which would be produced from a supply of naturally occuring materials.  

AFS Successful with RGF 4 Award!

Air Fuel Synthesis has been successful with a Joint Venture funding bid in Round 4 of the Regional Growth Fund applications. AFS will design and build a commercial scale Methanol to Petrol processing plant producing (initially) 1.2m litres of Bio-Fuel annually. The plant will be located at a site in Peterlee and will create 82+ jobs over the project duration, AFS will also install Renewable Energy Generation Technology to provide 'Green' Electricity to the site, so that we are manufacturing a truly 'Carbon Neutral' fuel.

The total grant value is £2.7m against a total Capital Expenditure of £9.0m over the next 3 years and this will be the first installation of this type in the UK.

Ms Monique Purdy, CEO of the AFS Group of companies said "This is the culmination of the hard work put in by the AFS Team since the conception of the business idea and is the first step in the realisation of the Fuel-From-Air vision. I am confident that the recent restructuring of the business and the commitment of new investors will result in a paradigm shift for Transport Fuels in the UK"

AFS expect to have the plant fully operational and servicing clients from the early part of 2015. Discussions are now underway with potential clients and sales partners to develop the retail channels for AFS products.